Where can I buy a pot from?

Shop updates happen randomly but orders will only be taken via my web shop which is linked in my Instagram bio on specific dates, no exceptions. If all pots appear to be “sold out” it means that my commission slots are currently full and there are no pre made pots available to purchase. Check out my Instagram bio to see if a future update has been announced. If there isn’t a date in my bio, it means I haven’t decided on a date so please don’t message me to ask when it will be. 

Can I get my own tits made? 

Yes! Stay tuned to our Instagram for future opportunities to grab a customised pot. When I do take commissions you can send references such as photos or drawings. You must be over 18 to purchase one. 

Why aren’t pots available all the time?

The pots are all handmade by myself. I also handle emails, social media, admin, promotion, photography, shop updates, any other enquiries etc. I also occasionally like to have a life. In other words it wouldn’t be physically possible for pots to be available all the time but that’s what makes them special. 

How long will my custom pot take to make? Do you have a waiting list?

Custom made pots can take up to 4 weeks to create and send out in normal circumstances. I don't have a waiting list as the constant workload would not be good for my mental health. 

Why are pots limited to one per order?

Pots are limited to one per order because I want everyone to have a fair opportunity to purchase pots. Again PYTAL is a small production and I can only make so many pots per week. If you order 3 then that means that two other people will miss out on ordering that week. If you order multiples you will be refunded. 

What is the difference between a pre made pot and a pre order customised pot?

Pre made are pots that have already been created. You buy what you see and it will be sent out no longer than 3 days after purchase. Pre order customised pots are unique to you, you have completely control over how that pot looks and it will take time to be made and sent out to you. 

What are the pots made from?

The pots are made from air drying clay which means they are NOT able to hold any liquid and are NOT food safe  - this is why I don't make mugs. They are then hand painted with acrylic paint and varnished to stop any scuffs or marks occurring. Please handle the pots with care and keep out of reach of children and animals! They are fragile so wrap any pots with bubblewrap if they are ever on the move to avoid breakages! 

What meaurements are the pots? 

Only one size of pot is now available, this is to keep things nice and simple! Pot dimensions are 8.5cm tall, 8cm diameter and 27cm circumference. 

How much do they cost?

Pre made pots are £50.

Commissioned pots are £65.

Postage prices are; UK - £6, International - £15.

Where do you ship to?

Pots are shipped worldwide! Pots are sent out via Royal Mail 2nd class signed for. This means that as soon as you receive an email to say your item has been dispatched you can request a tracking number. I recommend you get them sent somewhere that they will signed for, whether that’s your home address or work place. Otherwise they will go to your local post Office Depot. 

If my pot breaks or is damaged in the post will it be replaced?

Of course! These things do happen from time to time and I always want customers to be happy! If there are any issues (big or small) with your purchase then you can contact me and I will do my best to sort it out. Any damage that occurs after is not my responsibility. I will not be held accountable for any uncollected items from post office depots. If your pot gets sent back to me, it will be your choice to pay for it to be re-sent.

Do you do wholesale orders?

We do! Contact emma@potyertitsawayluv.com and I'll be happy to send you a list of our wholesale prices. However wholesale orders may not always be possible.